What Can An I.T Consultant Offer Your Business

The internet is a place where so much data and personal information is stored, but sometimes that information can be leaked due to lack of security, inadequate safety and fraudulent privacy policies. The main areas of focus in this article would consist of self storage via cloud computing, security services to apprehend dangers and difficulties arising online, and certain I.T services brought about to increase productivity, eliminate junctions and better protect your business.

You may be wondering, what is cloud computing? In hindsight cloud computing is where servers, storage, databases are accessed through the internet used to store networking, software and analytics. In order to receive these cloud computing services, business can pay a service provider depending on the amount used just like paying a mobile phone bill. Allowing an I.T consultant to install cloud computing aboard your organisation will create a more efficient, productive workplace.

Cloud computing has many benefits for ANY organisation such as:


it eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software, and setting up and running on-site data centres, the racks of servers, and the round-the-clock electricity for power and cooling.

Time efficient:

“Racking and stacking” is needed on-site data centres to operate and this would be very time consuming along with all the hardware setup, software patching and other I.T management tasks. With the use of the cloud computing service, most of these tasks are automated and made simple so that employees can increase productivity in the workplace.

Many small business owners feel safe from attack, mistakenly thinking hackers only target large corporations. The fact is that many cybercriminals see smaller businesses as ideal targets due to their minimal security measures, and often use those smaller businesses to gain access to the networks of larger companies. 

Security at all levels of IT is vital to ensure you aren’t seen as an easy target. It isn’t something you want to address once your systems have been compromised. IT Consultants can assist by:

  • Installation and integration of firewall into the network
  • 24/7 Protection, Monitoring and Threat Response of all access points to your network, offering complete security from outside threats
  • Endpoint Security anti-virus protection safeguards your network from viruses, worms, and other malicious code threats
  • Spam protection through message and e-mail filtering
  • Dedicated Security Team
  • Onsite support as needed

An I.T consultants main purpose is to make sure that YOU, the client receive the best of their expertise in all areas I.T such as the services of installation, repairs, upgrades and updates of software and applications running throughout your organisation, hardware whether it be computers, laptops  even audio appliances , servers such as local LAN or Intranet and equipment to ensure you are happy and satisfied with the service provided.  

Some people theorise that investing in an I.T consultant is not just a waste of money, but also a waste of time as they “aren’t that effective and useless” but in reality, businesses with I.T consultants perform much better than others as they are referring to an entire company to secure and expand their organisation.

Most companies and organisations use information and technology consultants in their fields because they know that they have the knowledge and experience to equip the clients with easily accessible cloud computing, security services for protection and to grow the organisations popularity.