The 2 Must Have Tech for Business Today

must haves for business tech

As business owners we should all be keeping up with the latest small business technology developments in the past year or so. Day-to-day operations usually consume most of our time trying to make sure that every aspect of your business is running as smoothly as possible. Yet, the idea of adding yet one more thing you have to do, may seem utterly overwhelming.

However, no matter what industry you are in right now, technology plays a very big role, and you must make sure you are staying as up-to-date as possible to keep your competitive edge. O the upside, newer technology can help you run your business much more efficiently, which in turn will save you both money and time. So, to get you started thinking about what could work for you, I have put together the top four technologies today you should consider implementing in your business now or upgrading the tech you currently have.

1. Using a Cloud Platform

If you were to search through any small business tech articles spanning over the last few of years or so, you will almost certainly find cloud tech experts say that it is a “trend to watch.” In 2018, the SMB Group Inc. said cloud tech is the number one trend to watch. The group says that approximately 92% of small businesses use at least one cloud-based application.   Anything from analytics, to accounting, to marketing or CRM, if you can name it, the cloud can most definitely handle it. By using a cloud platform for all your business’s digital programs, it will give you much better flexibility, greater scalability and enhanced security. By doing this, you will spend less and get more in return than you would by only using programs on multiple platforms.

2. Using Mobile Tech

When it comes to mobile technology, it is a must have for your business. A study done back in 2014, 59% of small business owners viewed mobile capabilities as an essential assets for their business. Only four years later, we can safely assume that percentage would have greatly increased.

There is no question that having a mobile-friendly website is one of the most important mobile aspects you should implement on your site. It is estimated that over half of online traffic to U.S. sites do come from mobile devices. If you really do not have a clue as to how to make your site mobile-friendly, get some professional help with it.

Being able to accept mobile payments is no doubt the second most important mobile tech you should be adopting. By simply offering this service to your clients, it will give you a step up when you are compared to other businesses that still only take cards and cash.